Welcome To The BronkBuilt Website

I'm just a guy that wants to do more projects. Unfortunately I do not have a dedicated shop and my garage must be able to park cars in it every night. Wink Wink

I really love building things, mostly out of wood, but I do all sorts of DIY around the house. I'll be building jigs to help with other projects, building ways to organize the messy garage, closet organizers, picture frames, and all sorts of other projects. I love building Halloween and Christmas decorations as well as building things for family and friends.

Not being a professional, especially in woodworking I hope to show all of you that if I can to it, so can you.
I make mistakes and I show those mistakes. I believe that showing the mistakes and how to get around them helps everyone learn.

I also try and make you laugh a bit by slipping in my own unique type of humor, or as my wife calls it "What's wrong with you?!?!"

That's what BronkBuilt is all about. I hope you come back often and subscribe to my YouTube channel.